London Food & Communities Summit 2024

People sat in City Hall at the London Food and Communities Summit 2024
23rd February 2024

The Mayor’s Fund for London’s London Food and Communities Summit was an opportunity for providers, youth organisations, funders, local authorities and young people to get together to share learning and convening partnerships to enable even more work to support young people with current societal issues.

Led by Sahra Issa and Mariana Hauschild, two members of our brilliant Youth Board, the morning included three diverse panel discussions on Food Equity and justice, supporting communities in new-but-familiar spaces, and creating systemic change through partnerships and policy.  

We also premiered three amazing short films – two by MFL Creativity Works alumni, Sara Taleghani and Yasmin Amin, on the subjects of food insecurity and food waste, and a third film showing the impact of our Kitchen Social hubs through the eyes of two youth clubs we partner with (this will be launched publicly soon!) And we had filming taking place on the day too – with Kate Budai capturing the event on our Instagram, and another Creativity Works Alumni, Abiola Remi-Lawal creating a film of the Summit itself (watch it below). 

We also recognised the power of this Summit as a catalyst for change in the Food & Communities sector. By getting the right people in the room, asking the right questions, and posing the right challenges to the audience, we sought to ensure that everybody left having made a meaningful pledge to act. Whether that pledge was within their role, or collaborating with someone they’d met on the day, or joining one of our new working groups – our event was all about action beyond words. 

Thanks to everyone who attended and engaged so brilliantly. Special thanks to the Deputy Mayor Debbie Weekes-Bernard, who also joined as our Guest Speaker and reiterated our messages on the power of strategic partnerships and action. And the biggest thanks to the young people who joined, led, spoke and shared their art throughout the morning. As our Jade Harris, our Head of Food & Communities, said best: 

“Taking the stage with such confidence & thoughtfulness is no small feat, thank you so much. I promise [your words] will have ripple effects that change lives. Every word has been heard.” 

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