Our mission is to ensure that all young Londoners:

  • Have access to support, activities and nutritious food in every school holiday
  • Have the opportunity to experience high quality engagement with the world of work.

Our focus is to ensure that young Londoners facing the biggest barriers aren’t left behind in the school holidays, that they are able to grow up healthy and engaged, and have as many opportunities as their peers to build skills and careers for London’s future economy.

Through our work with employers and partners, we want London to become a city that really values, invests and inspires young people, and which supports those facing the biggest barriers to thrive.

We will achieve this through a number of ways:

  • Providing direct support to young Londoners who need it most (aged 4 to 24) through our network of community and educational settings
  • Focusing our support in two key areas – essential skills for careers and essential access to holiday food and wellbeing activities
  • Creating platforms for young people to shape change and influence across our work
  • Convening and working in partnership with communities, employers, charities and the GLA