Two young Londoners pose to camera in front of a Mayor's Fund for London backdrop

Stories by Young Voices

The Stories by Young Voices series is a unique collaboration between The Citi Foundation and the Mayor’s Fund for London that commissions Creativity Works alumni to produce meaningful and engaging content about young people in relation to a particular theme or topic. The commissions provide the young creatives with a paid grant to support them throughout the production of the films. The films can then be used as portfolio and showreel pieces to further assist the creatives in breaking into the sector and gaining further work. Following on from a successful series one the collaboration continued for a second series.

The Mayor Fund’s for London’s Creativity Works employability programme which supports young Londoners with the skills and connections to employers they need and access to opportunities within creative industries. The programme is supported by the Citi Foundation and delivered by MFL, partnering with A New Direction and Media Trust.

Stories by Young Voices - Series Two

The second series, launched in February 2024. It features films created by young Londoners, Sara Taleghani and Yasmin Siddiqa Amin, ‘Out of Reach’ and ‘Chicken Estate’, that show the effects of food insecurity in the city.

Directed by Sara Taleghani ‘Out of Reach’ sees a young woman navigate this current climate of food insecurity, as well as soaring domestic bills. Experimental visuals blur reality and surrealism into one haunting repetition of emptiness, as the lead’s now unaffordable basic needs become a recurrent worsening nightmare eating away at her.

‘Chicken Estate’ is a drama-comedy based on the experiences of the film’s writer and director Yasmin Amin, depicting the life of a young East Londoner. Mej is wondering how she will afford her next meal and unable to communicate her needs to friends. We see food being taken for granted and wasted around Mej while she goes hungry. It is a film full of humour, friendship, heart, and hope.

The films were premiered at MFL’s London Food and Communities Summit. An event that brought together providers, youth organisations, funders, local Authorities and young people, all sharing learning and knowledge to ensure that every young Londoner has access to nutritious food, safe spaces and opportunities to thrive. Both films were played ahead of panel discussions which featured Sara and Yasmin discussing their motivations for making the films and experiences of food insecurity in the city.

You can watch the films below and read more about the launch of the second series here.

Stories by Young Voices - Series One

For the inaugural round of commissions, three creatives; Dami, Julia, and Konadu each created unique and personal films; ‘The Run’, ‘Seeking Thomas’, and ‘Works for Stella’. You can watch the films below,

‘The Run’ is a directed short film by Dami Olupona.

In ‘Seeking Thomas’ Julia Zlotnick depicts Thomas’ journey back into employment in Italy.

‘Works for Stella’ sees Konadu Gyamfi retelling Stella’s pathway to financial independence in Uganda.

You can watch the films below.