Marking the first year of our Diversity Pledge

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13th October 2022

As the Mayor’s Fund for London, we deliver a suite of impactful programmes and initiatives that help to safeguard and transform the life chances of young Londoners.

At City Hall yesterday, both young people and employers came together to mark one year of our Diversity Pledge which tasks London’s captains of industry to champion diverse and inclusive workforces in various different ways.

Speaking in a video message at the event, Debbie Weekes-Bernard, Deputy Mayor for Communities and Social Justice, said:

The Diversity Pledge is strongly aligned with the important work that the Mayor and I have championed around diversity and inclusion, which are vital for a successful London that supports and creates opportunities for all of our communities. 

In Black History Month, it is fitting that we focus on doing all we can to create more and better opportunities for all our communities and particularly young people to flourish in our city. But diversity is not just about race: gender, sexuality, disability and of course the intersectionality between these and other characteristics are all vitally important for us not only to understand but to act upon.

So there is significant work for all of us to do in supporting our future workforce.

But it is important to recognise where progress is being made. Today’s event is to celebrate the Pledge, alongside other areas of the Mayor’s Fund for London’s work – including Access Aspiration, which also celebrates 10 years of delivery – that are actively creating more opportunities to excite and inspire young people about their future careers. Both initiatives inspire and engage diverse young Londoners in future career opportunities ahead.”

In a post-pandemic world, where the cost of living crisis is disproportionately impacting young people from underrepresented communities, we need to ensure we are all doing what we can to make sure they can fulfil their potential. If you are interested in making a difference, please get in touch.

Learn more about our Diversity Pledge.