Diversity Pledge

Our Diversity Pledge aims to break barriers for young people from low-income and Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds in starting sustainable careers. Transforming outreach, recruitment and progression practices will not only help organisations to build a more inclusive and diverse employee base but also create sustainable business benefits.

To date, 40 major employers have signed up to the Diversity Pledge.


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Young people from low income backgrounds face several barriers when looking to build meaningful careers. Research shows that low income is related to age, background and gender, as illustrated, for example, by dis-proportionally high unemployment levels for young women from certain ethnic backgrounds.

In the long-term, lack of diversity will affect businesses negatively; indeed, many industries are already facing an increasing skills shortage and employers have raised the difficulty of attracting and retaining qualified staff. Drawing in people from a wider cross-section of the population, by transforming recruitment practices, will provide benefits both to business and society. The Diversity Pledge is part of our campaign to ensure young Londoners from low income backgrounds have equal access to the outstanding opportunities the capital has to offer.

Employers who take the Diversity Pledge are committed to three core principles:

  • Work in partnership to drive sustainable change
  • Practice internal transparency and encourage peer to peer mentoring
  • Provide access to work experience opportunities and/or quality apprenticeship

Our Diversity Pledge is supported by: