School Notices boosts Access Aspiration programme for 2022

10th January 2022

As part of our Access Aspiration programme, we’ll be sharing even more insightful employer encounters to young people across London – thanks to our new partnership with the online community, School Notices.

Launched in 2014, School Notices is a free-to-join website where parents share advice, digest relevant lifestyle and educational content and buy and sell items using the in-house SN Marketplace.

In partnership with Towergate Insurance, School Notices hosts its Virtual Careers Week, an online event for aspiring students to learn from and speak to different professionals from several organisations.

Initiating a new partnership with the Mayor’s Fund for London, School Notices will be supplying content from its Virtual Careers Week to our Access Aspiration programme.

The programme provides increased visibility of careers and pathways into employment for 16-18-year-olds through aspirational employer encounters and experiences – such as webinars and work experience.

Gordon Dawson, Founder of School Notices, highlights the shared values of School Notices and the Mayor’s Fund for London:

“School Notices helps connect schools, parents, alumni, and businesses in a way that benefits everyone, so the sharing of knowledge and advice is a fundamental aspect of our online community.

In our Virtual Careers Week, we provide invaluable employer encounters to students. Through Access Aspiration, more young people across London will be able to take advantage of such vital opportunities.”

By supplying content, School Notices will help share further opportunities to young people taking part in Access Aspiration, such as online talks from new employers not previously featured on the programme.

For more information on Access Aspiration and how you can get involved, visit the programme’s page on the Mayor’s Fund for London website.