Introducing ‘The Intersect’

A new podcast made and produced by our Youth Board
Podcast presenters and guests sit around microphones
21st December 2023

The Intersect is an exciting new podcast made and produced by our Youth Board, discussing the real-life overlaps of the biggest issues facing young people.

With season one focusing on mental health, our dynamic hosts Aniqah and Ya’Eesh, Mayor’s Fund for London’s youth board members, dive deep into the world of neurodivergence and share their guests’ personal experiences with ADHD. Discussing neurodivergence with Anigah and Ya’Eesh is J Grange, a public speaker and neurodiversity advocate, along with Amina Aweis, an accessibility advocate, software engineer and MFL ambassador. In episode two Aniqah and Ya’Eesh are joined by another MFL ambassador Christina Okorocha, Co-founder and Director of Entertainment at VAMP and Queren Ngiay, a recent graduate in Property Development and Planning from Oxford Brooke’s University. Both bring their insight into the intricate relationship between social media and mental health.

Episodes one and two are NOW Live on Spotify: listen here

Future episodes on topics such as academic pressure and the cost of living will follow early in the new year.

Thanks to Mayor’s Fund for London trustee Jenny Halpern Prince MBE and staff at Halpern PR for their support to the youth board in developing their podcast.

The Mayor’s Fund for London’s Youth Board is made up of young Londoners aged 16-24 from across the capital. Many have been or still are participants of our programmes, whilst others joined to represent the voices of their peers and to influence the support the charity is able to provide. We inform, consult and co-create with our Board as a whole and with individual members.