Supporting children to be happy, healthy and motivated to learn.

Learning to cook is the gateway to eating well and enjoying good food as well as a host of equally important benefits – both physical and mental. The experience of cooking meals not only builds self-confidence and lays the foundation for positive eating habits, but can also help young kids learn basic maths concepts.

Our programmes are designed to not only engage children and young people to cook at home but they support families who may not otherwise have regular access to nutritious food:

Take & Make: During the pandemic, we launched Take & Make to provide nutritional, ‘low cook’, high-quality recipe-kit boxes for children and their families. All recipes were designed to be made with limited kitchen utensils to ensure cooking at home is as inclusive as possible. Every box contains instructions and skill training cards plus online video tutorials to build confidence in cooks of all ages

Create & Make: A meal kit for families providing four-to-six meal portions. Create & Make provides a selection of store cupboard staples along with a lucky dip of fresh produce and instructional materials to help families turn ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables into delicious meals.

Heat & Eat: Single-portion meals that can be reheated and served on-site, or given out to be heated up at home. The Felix Project’s kitchen creates delicious meals from fresh surplus produce, which are delivered chilled to locations across London.