Create & Make is a surplus food recipe kit produced by the Mayors Fund for London and The Felix Project.   

Each London household wastes roughly £600 worth of food every year – most of which is edible. Create & Make empowers families to make meals that help tackle food waste. Each recipe kit contains pantry staples (such as chickpeas, chopped tomatoes and soy sauce) along with a lucky dip of fresh produce and instructional material to help turn ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables into delicious meals.   

Create & Make inspires families to try new ingredients or use familiar ingredients in ways that they might never have done before. It’s a recipe kit that helps the environment – you can freestyle your own recipes with the items you receive, or you can follow the recipe frameworks we’ve linked – either way you’re helping to cut London’s ginormous food waste footprint. 

We’d love to see you enjoying your creations! Share them with us using #CreateandMake.