London’s food waste produces approximately 250,000 tonnes of unnecessary CO2 emissions every year. Heat & Eat meals aim to tackle this. The wonderful chefs at The Felix Project kitchen create delicious Heat & Eat meals from their selection of surplus food to make a variety of seasonal pre-cooked meals.

Felix Meals are made with compassion and a desire to ensure that meals nourish more than just the body whilst meeting School Food Standards. Recipes are adapted to suit the communities and people who eat them, giving everyone a sense of being cared for or having a meal that reminds them of family. These meals will consist of either single portion meals or family-style meals for up to 8 people. Single portion meals can be given to families to heat at home or provided to community organisations to serve on site. All meals can be decanted and reheated in ovens or on the hob.

Compliant with all relevant food safety guidance and regulations, meals detail all ingredients and allergens along with storage, freezing and reheating instructions.

We’d love to see you enjoying your creations! Share them with us using #HeatandEat.