This resource area contains the documents, resources and information your organisation will need to develop and deliver holiday provision in your area.

Delivery hub toolkits

Below, you will find a range of our Kitchen Social resources to support hubs to run holiday provision. Please use these as examples only.

  1. Example project management handbook: to support hubs to set up a programme
  2. Volunteer chef handbook: to support volunteer cooking in hubs
  3. Recipe book for hubs: to support cooking together

We have also included a very useful outline from our friends at StreetGames on why Sport and Physical Activity is such an important part of holiday activities and food provision.

HAF Expert Advisory Session – Sport & Physical Activity

Supporting local community organisations to incorporate and sustain high-quality community sport and physical activity as part of their HAF programme, with a particular focus on engaging and supporting older teenagers.

With thanks to Jack Barber, Community Development Manager at StreetGames UK Ltd for this presentation.

HAF Expert Advisory Session – Food Nutrition

Supporting children and families in adopting healthier diets, especially during holiday periods.

With thanks to Annabelle O’Toole, Sophie Medlin and Jenny Rosborough from BDA (The Association of UK Dieticians) for this presentation.

Bitsize session: Stigma

A bitesize session on how to avoid all aspects of stigma when designing, communicating and delivering inclusive holiday programmes for children and young people.

Delivered on behalf of our Kitchen Social programme and hosted by the Department for Education.

To download a copy of the slides, please click below.