JB Gill

3rd April 2017

Singer, TV Presenter and Farmer

JB Gill is best known as a member of the boy band JLS, who came second on The X Factor in 2008.

“London has such a rich diversity of cultures, creeds and nationalities. When it comes to food, there is no better city in the world and it’s so interesting to see the differences each community possesses.

“Growing your own food gives you an incredibly unique sense of satisfaction which is why I became a farmer. It’s taught me about how things grow and how to better look after our environment. It also gives basic stewardship skills, which are easily transferable later in life, as we reach maturity and transition into a world full of responsibility. The obvious rewards are great tasting components to a potentially great-tasting meal and the best part is, you helped to make it all happen.

“Food is our source of energy. Without it, we would not live. Yet half a million London children struggle for food during the summer holidays and will end up malnourished and therefore less able to learn when they return to school. Healthy foods create healthy people, it gives us the nutrients we need to develop our bodies and minds. Young people especially benefit from healthy sources of foods as they are growing and developing into adults. The more we can educate children especially on the importance of eating well, the more they will be able to continue making those decisions when they reach adulthood and begin to make their own food choices. I am proud to be supporting the Mayor’s Fund for London’s Kitchen Social campaign, tackling hunger and social isolation during the school holidays.”