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#MyCityandMe: Youth voice and Covid-19

Since the Coronavirus crisis began, very little media attention has been given to young people and how it is shaping their outlook on life. But we know that young people are, and will be, hugely impacted by the economic effects of a competitive and limited job market and a likely recession.

Together with the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York, the NYC Service and Media Trust, we have created ‘My City and Me’ and ‘DocumentarNYC’ – two platforms where young people can creatively express their thoughts, feelings and opinions about how the crisis has affected them to the world.

As part of the project, young people are given a variety of themes to respond to in whatever creative medium or style they choose. Young Londoners also have the chance to connect with their New York counterparts through exclusive masterclasses run by experts from Media Trust and other industry professionals.

We hope that this project empowers young people from around the globe to form new connections and find shared experiences in what is a scary and uncertain time.

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