Data collection

Data collection helps us to understand your provision and share the wonderful work you are doing with funders and the public.

Each hub is funded annually for 20 days of provision, for 20 young people, with each receiving a meal at these sessions. This equates to 400 meals throughout the academic year. As a result, we would expect to receive data from each delivery hub totalling 20 days of provision at the end of each grant year.

When completing our data collection surveys please make sure that you are only completing data for provision, meals and children that have been funded by Kitchen Social. If you have also received additional funding to deliver for the same period, please do not include data for this provision in your Kitchen Social data collection.

If you have received intensive funding for summer or Christmas, please indicate this when completing the survey.

We have a new automated evaluation process which means each hub will receive an email with links to personalised data collection surveys. Please complete these surveys within two weeks of the end of each holiday the emails will have a deadline for completion. If you have more than one hub, the email will have links for data collection at each of these hubs.

We always love to see how you and your young people are getting on, so please also make sure to tag us in your holiday pictures online using #KitchenSocial or #TakeandMake and send us photos/quotes throughout the holiday period.