Fighting electronic waste – 2018 Tech finalist

Close up of Soluboard
24th February 2022

Re-inventing the circuit board for the circular economy

Tech Finalist at the 2018 awards, Jiva made it through to the finals with their key product Soluboard. Soluboard is designed to be a replacement for the plastic base of circuit boards used in all our electronics. The boards are made with natural fibres and a number of other biodegradable ingredients instead of fossil fuel based plastics.

Even more innovatively, at the end of its life the boards can be put in warm water where they will dissolve allowing all the metal components on the board to be removed and recycled more easily and the natural fibres can be composted.

Founder, Jack Herring, with his team has spent the last three years refining Soluboard. He received additional grant funding from the Mayor’s Entrepreneur during the COVID-19 pandemic and used it to carry out external testing to prove the new circuit board material is safe for use in existing printed circuit board (PCB) production line machinery.

Though Soluboard is a unique product, Jack and the team are hard at work to ensure that they can stand out from competitors in the industry. Jiva is working with high profile corporates in the tech industry, who are also potential customers, to produce cutting-edge samples by replicating their technology using Soluboard® as the PCB baseboard.

As well as this, Jiva offers advisory services, exploring ways of reducing CO2 levels in tech disposal methods with high profile organisations and potential customers.