Mayor's Entrepreneur 2022 winners

We’re very pleased to announce this year’s winners

Creative Industries Winner

CQ StudioCassandra Quinn- Central Saint Martins, UAL

A regenerative textiles research lab. We focus on developing sustainable fabrics that don’t simply lessen our harm on the planet but restore what has been lost.

Environment Winner

Team Repair Megan Hale, Anaïs Engelmann, Oscar Jones, Oliver Colebourne, Patrick D. McGuckian– Imperial College London

Team Repair encourages the next generation to repair, not replace, tackling the electronic waste crisis. Our circular model sends children broken gadgets to fix, with accompanying educational content, to teach them the real-life skill of repairing things in a fun and engaging way.

Health Winner

Kitt MedicalZak Marks,  James Cohen & Simon Hanassab- Loughborough University and Imperial College London

What if all public spaces – from schools, to planes, restaurants to stadiums – had something that could work like a defibrillator, but for allergies. Well – now they can. We provide adrenaline pens in our secure wall mounted Kitt, along with management and training software, all in one life-saving subscription service.

Social Enterprise winner

Paige BrailleGregory Hargraves, Visva Moorthy, Carolina Gomes, Sergi Gosalvez, Nina Moutonnet- Imperial College London  

We are building Paige, the world’s first low-cost, multi-line braille display. Braille is literacy, and the Paige team is dedicated to achieving affordable access to braille worldwide.

Tech winner

Renter Score- Chanise Thompson, Shyon Niome Bowen- Waltham Forest College

Renter Score is for people who aspire to own their own property but have poor credit. Our online platform tracks rental payment history and generates a score that our selected lenders will use to offer affordable mortgages or properties for letting.

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