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Mayor's Fund For London

Access Aspiration

Access Aspiration is an employability programme designed to provide careers support and guidance for 16 –18 year old young Londoners who are making key decisions about their future careers but struggle to make links with employers. The programme aims to increase social mobility by broadening  young people’s understanding of the workplace and increasing confidence, resilience and knowledge.

  • 92% of young people report an increased understanding of their chosen industry
  • 95% of young people report an increased knowledge of the range of careers available
  • 88% of young people say they are more motivated to get into work

To date, over 2,700 students have signed up to the programme and we have delivered just under 8,000 employers encounters.

Access Aspiration can work with you to create pathways for your organisation to tap into young new talent.

If you are a business committed to improving skills, aspiration and diversity and are interested in the programme, then please get in touch.

“Young adults who recall four or more encounters with employers while at school are five times less likely to be NEET and earn on average, 18% more than peers who recall no such activities.”

(Gatsby Review of Career Education)  

We have worked with a network of over 100 prestigious London employers, such as the Bank of England, EE, Network Rail, the Metropolitan Police, NHS Imperial College Hospitals, BBC and Twitter, to provide a unique menu of opportunities to young Londoners at a critical point in their education. Over the last few years, these organisations have provided structured work experience and industry insight days for thousands of students and helped them make more sense of the London labour market.

Our Impact

2,000 young people across 29 secondary schools have benefited from a wide range of interventions

 269 work experience placements and 408 employer insights were delivered in 2018

79% of young people reported being more confident in applying for jobs
86% of business volunteers reported they were more likley to hire a young person following their experience

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