My experience as an intern – Ifna Maingé

2022 MEP interns at old City Hall
8th August 2022

My personal experience as an intern

“Interning for the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Programme has been a very exciting experience because it was a great opportunity to improve my employability skills while working in a relaxed and flexible work environment.” said 2022 intern, Ifna Maingé

“The job role consisted in promoting the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition to students at my university, the University of Greenwich. I actively communicated with lecturers, tutors, program leaders, and society leaders at the university, who would forward my emails to their students and personal network. I also gave presentations in lectures to help increase students’ awareness and encourage them to join the competition. This let me improve my communication, marketing, organisation, and public speaking skills, as I had to plan my schedule, consistently talk to different people, and actively promote the competition.”

“In addition to that, I was also a part of the events organisation team, where I organised a networking event for participants with the aim to help them get to know each other and maybe find team members to add new expertise to their business ideas. I also helped plan an event for interns to celebrate our success once the process of promoting the competition was completed. These tasks helped me gain teamwork and budgeting skills because I had to work within a team and we had to comply with the budget provided to us.”

“I definitely recommend this internship because you will be able to gather valuable transferable skills that can be used in any industry, and you will work in a fun, relaxed, and flexible environment with students like yourself, which will give you more confidence to perform your role.”