Youth Board

Our Youth Board continues to play a key role in helping us to understand how inequality in London affects young people. It also offers a platform for building professional capabilities of members through their involvement in our programmes and events.
Mayor's Fund Programme_Youth Board

We help to grow the next generation of leaders by enabling young people to get involved in our work, build their confidence and develop an interest in acting as agents of positive change. During 2018, the Youth Board worked on a documentary project designed to give voice to young people’s hopes and concerns for the future. The film, titled ‘Are You Listening’, was premiered at City Hall and captured how young Londoners felt about their borough and thoughts on the most pressing issues  facing their generation today.

Subjects like safety, housing and employment were most prevalent.

Looking forward, we are building a more consistent strategy to promote young Londoner’s voices, including:

  • Ensuring that every project in the Mayor’s Fund portfolio has a ‘young voice’ component;
  • Analysing and integrating learnings into future programming; and
  • Identifying relevant platforms, campaigns and events to share findings and have young people share their opinions

Speaking on the film project, Tahira, Youth Board member said:

“Over two-thirds of young Londoners want to make a positive contribution to society but only 23% feel like they can influence decisions in their local area.

We acknowledge that change doesn’t happen overnight but investment in Youth Boards that are diverse and representative of the communities they serve is crucial. Our first collaborative event was energetic and motivational; and we look forward to channelling this energy and creating new pathways in which young people can  contribute.”