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Mayor's Fund For London

Pre-employment Training

EPIC is a two week course for unemployed young Londoners (16-24) who want to boost their skills and confidence to succeed in interview and secure a decent job.


All young people who attend the course have the opportunity to meet employers, take part in group activities and receive tailored 1:1 support.

Each young person leaves the course with an up to date CV and will be able to access exclusive Young London Working vacancies in addition to on-going support from our team of employment specialists.

The four key focus areas are:

  1. Skills: for young people to understand, work on and improve professional behaviour and body language in addition to identifying their own strengths relevant to the workplace
  1. Experience: to build a picture of existing work and non-work experience to help young people  present themselves to employers with relevant examples
  1. Confidence:  young people know where to job search and are able to talk about themselves in a positive way
  1. Motivation: support young people to create a positive outlook, deal with rejection and build resilience



“Before I started this course I thought I would never get a job. I felt like I would be on benefits forever. I felt like I had no purpose in life. I also felt like no employer wanted me to work for them because I kept on getting rejected. My confidence was knocked and I felt that someone had given me a bad hand. Some employers didn’t get back to me or they said I don’t have enough experience in the field. I found myself not challenging myself anymore. 

As the programme progressed my confidence came back. People were very friendly and welcoming. I learnt a lot about how to present myself and have a positive attitude. I found that I was challenging myself more. I got a lot of help with improving my CV and getting guidance to fill out application forms. 

At the end of the course I felt extremely happy because I had been able to get a job which started straight away. The programme has given me hope and I have a purpose in life.”

 Three months on Eleanore is still employed and enjoys working with her new colleagues!

 Eleanore, 22, Islington



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