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Mayor's Fund For London

How to prepare for the YLW screening call

The employers that we work with put trust in us that we will only put candidates forward to them who:

  • Have a high quality CV or application form
  • Have the skills they are looking for
  • Have the right attitude
  • Are genuinely interested in a role, and not taking it as a compromise
  • Can work the days and times that the job involves
  • Are reliable

When one of the Young London Working team contacts you, we are looking to assess all of the above. We carry out telephone screenings that last between 10-15 minutes. They can be quite detailed.


Here are some common reasons why candidates do not pass our telephone screening:

  • Telephone numbers on the CV are incorrect
  • Telephones have rude or abusive voicemail messages that are not suitable for seeking employment
  • Candidates do not return our telephone calls
  • Candidates have not prepared for the conversation, and have not read the job description or other details
  • Candidates’ CVs do not display skills and experience required of a job
  • Candidates do not provide all of the documents that they need to
  • Candidates’ CVs are of poor quality, different fonts, are riddled with spelling and grammar errors

You should treat the telephone screening like a first interview. If you do not impress Young London Working, you will not be put forward to the employer. Sounding sleepy, using inappropriate or slang language, or sounding disinterested means that you WILL be unsuccessful. Our advice? Prepare, prepare, prepare!!!!!!!


  • Read the job description several times before we call you
  • Be prepared to describe your skills and experience, and reasons why you feel that you are the right candidate for the job.
  • Be prepared to talk about why the job interests you, why you feel it will help you to develop and learn.
  • Speak with energy and enthusiasm. If you sound bored, we will hear that!
  • Be confident, be outgoing. We are always assessing your communication skills
  • Tell us why you want this job – not just any old job!
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