In-school Tournaments and the Challenge

All the details you need to know about the Count on Us tournaments.
A young woman sits at a table with her Count On Us team, as they play the 24 Game.

Before taking part in the regional Heats, each school is expected to set up and take part in an in-school tournament. Not only will this give your pupils an exciting maths activity to participate in, but it will also help you choose who you want to represent your school at the Heats and the Grand Final.

To support the set-up of your in-school tournament, click the links below to access:

  • In-school Tournament Handbook: a guide for teachers on how to set up and run your in-school tournament.
  • In-school Tournament Presentation: a presentation that can be used on the day of your in-school tournament.
  • University of Greenwich Practice Tournament Materials: materials from the practice tournament that took place at the University of Greenwich.
  • How To Run an In-school Tournament Video: a step-by-step video guide on how to run your in-school tournament.

We will soon be releasing a map of the schools taking part in the Count on Us Secondary Maths Challenge this year. You will then be able to see who else is involved and get in touch if you’d like to get in touch with other schools in your area to support each other in running the programme or run an inter-school tournament together.


After running your in-school tournament, it’s time to decide which five students will be in the team that you take to the regional Heats and Grand Final. You may be tempted to select your team before you’ve held an in/inter-school tournament – don’t do this! Why? The events are the tip of the iceberg! The most important part of the programme is the fantastic way in which pupils engage with and practise the activities, developing their strategies, their teamworking skills and speed.

By the time you get to running an in/inter-school tournament, you may be surprised by the students who have grown in their maths confidence and are great problem solvers, resourceful and able to keep their team focused. Others will surprise you with their speed at solving 24® Game cards. You may decide not to choose your quickest but those who have grown in confidence or would gain most from the experience. So, hold back until after your tournament!

When the time comes to select your team, there are some rules you must please stick to.

Your five team players must be:

  1. Year 7, 8 or 9 students – your team can be a mix of all three year groups, two year groups or a single year group
  2. A combination of boys and girls – no single sex teams allowed (unless you are a single sex school)
  3. New to taking part in the Count on Us Challenge

All schools participating in the Jack Petchey Foundation Count on Us Secondary Maths Challenge will be invited to take part in a Heat tournament, taking place regionally in host schools across London in late-April/early-May 2023. The Heats are exciting events where pupils have lots of fun with maths and teachers can connect with other London schools taking part. If you would like to host a Heat at your school, please let us know!

The top scoring school teams from the Heats then qualify for the Grand Final held at City Hall at the end of June 2024.