Tournament Time

My pupils have been practising for weeks and are really great at it. How do I now get them ready for the events?
It is very different doing activities in a competitive setting compared to in class or in a club. Here you will find support, resources and tips.

How does the Challenge work?

Watch this great video from the 2021 Count on Us Primary Challenge Final.

You’ll get a sense of what the day is like, hear from teachers as to why they love the competition, and see the enthusiasm of the pupils. While watching, keep your eyes peeled to get a glimpse of the activities!

In-school Tournament Handbook

Before taking part in the Heats, each school is expected to take part in an In-school Tournament, which you will set up. Not only will this give your pupils an exciting maths activity to participate in, but it will also help you choose who you want to represent your school.

To support the set-up of your In-School Tournament, click the links below to access:

  • Teacher Handbook
  • Presentation that can be used to on the day of your In-school Tournament
  • Materials to play each activity (T Shapes, Dominoes, 24 Game and Codebreaking) during your In-school Tournament


Choosing your team (part two)

Now that you have run an in/inter-school tournament, you will be able to decide which three pupils would work well together as a team. Are they the three pupils you would have initially chosen? Most teachers at this stage say they have changed their mind completely after seeing the progress and growth in confidence of their pupils. There are some rules you must stick to when choosing your team.

Your three players must be:

  • Year 4 or 5 pupils – you can select from either or both years
  • A combination of boys and girls – no single sex teams allowed!
  • New to taking part in the Count on Us Primary Challenge – if you have a really talented pupil from last year, let them support you in running a Club and mentoring the new Challengers!

We will need a consent form for each pupil attending an event., signed by a parent or a guardian. Please note that there will be usually be a photographer/press present as well as our digital team who who will be promoting the activities across our social media and online channels. You can download a copy of the Consent Form below.