Programme Overview

You have now signed up for Count on Us and can’t wait to get going! What happens next?
Programme Overview

Before you get started, why not watch this video taken at the Final at Church House to get an overview of how the Count on Us Primary Maths Challenge excites and inspires pupils and teachers.

Programme Overview

The Count on Us Primary Maths Challenge, delivered in partnership with The Maths Zone, is an exciting pan-London programme for primary schools which engages pupils in Years 4 and 5 with a range of maths activities designed to motivate, challenge and inspire.

Count on Us focuses on collaboration and competition to engage pupils. By combining a series of activities and problem-solving tasks linked to the maths curriculum, it makes maths fun and boosts pupils’ confidence around learning. It is open to state schools in the Greater London area.

Schools receive programme training for teachers and resources to support the Count on Us activities, as well as accompanying guides and workbooks. Each resource is designed for use in classrooms and clubs, with pupils honing their skills via in-school tournaments. Teams of three pupils then represent their school in the Count on Us tournament, including regional Heats and the Grand Final.

The Challenge has three different rounds:

  1. Pattern and Problem-solving: Dominoes, Pentominoes and T Shape Puzzles
  2. Mental Arithmetic and Number Bonds: 24® Game
  3. Statistics and Financial Literacy: Codebreaking


The programme has four stages:

  1. Programme training session
  2. Running the programme in school
  3. In-school tournaments
  4. Heats and Final
Stage 1: Programme Training & Resource Kit

Before running the Count on Us programme in your school, you will have attended a training session.

Each school has received a resource kit which includes:

  • 6 x Dominoes sets
  • 6 x Pentominoes sets
  • 6 x T Shapes sets
  • 3 x 24® Game sets


Click the buttons below to access resources from training:

  • Training presentation slides – a useful reminder
  • Additional tasks – bonus sheets for Round 1 and codebreaking task
  • Recording of online training