Tim Roberts (Chair)

Portrait of Tim Roberts
14th March 2016

Tim Roberts is Managing Director at Alix Partners and helps clients navigate the complex challenges of cybersecurity, technology, enterprise risk management, and compliance. . He was born and educated in London.

Previously, he has been Vice President & Partner of IBM Securities, Managing Director at Promontory Financial Group; Chief Operating Officer of Ignis Asset Management, the fund management arm of Phoenix Group; and a management consultant at McKinsey from 1993-2009, where he was a partner for 10 years and served clients around the world in financial services and the public sector. He led or co-led a number of McKinsey’s practices including asset management, UK financial institutions and risk management, and for a number of years was responsible for McKinsey’s pro bono activities in the charitable sector. His work with charities has largely focused on engaging the private sector in supporting sustainable livelihoods for the poor in the UK and around the world.

He received an MA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford University in 1988. Since graduating he has gained a Diploma in Accounting and Finance and a black belt in judo.