Natalie Creary

25th September 2023

Natalie is founder of Liberating Knowledge, a knowledge and engagement consultancy, and is currently on sabbatical from her role as the Programme Delivery Director for Black Thrive Lambeth. Her journey is characterised by her commitment to dismantling the deep-seated roots of inequality and fearlessly challenging the status quo. Her interest lies in working with communities and grassroots organisations focusing on decolonising knowledge and creating avenues for people to own their stories and lead on solutions that respond to the challenges they face.

She is an experienced community practitioner and accidental academic. She has recently completed a project with the Understanding Patient data team which engaged healthcare workers and communities to explore the reasons for inequalities in patient data for Black and South Asian communities. She lectures on racial inequities in health for Middlesex University’s MSc in Public Health. Her work and research explore how our intersecting identities shape people’s experiences of health and wellbeing and she works at local, regional and national level to influence policy and practice.