Fatima B

Fatima's portrait
16th November 2022

My name is Fatima and I am a recent First-Class BSc Psychology graduate from London South Bank University. As a South Asian female, I have experienced challenges and barriers that have impacted my mental well-being. At first, these challenges hindered my likelihood of seeking professional support. However, studying Psychology helped me to learn that having mental health problems is normal and I should not be treated any differently.

My interest surrounding student mental health led me to focus my dissertation on the “Impact of ethnicity on the relationship between formal help-seeking behaviour and anxiety in students”. We found that mental health conditions were high in students, but particularly in BAME students due to issues like discrimination, microaggression, stigma and more. Therefore, making them less likely to seek help. I have accumulated much knowledge of the human mind and behaviour and how mental health can be affected. By joining MFL I have now been given a platform to further encourage the younger population, particularly individuals from BAME or lower social classes to speak about their mental health issues, seek support and or learn more about the signs of symptoms of these conditions.