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The staff training package aims to ensure that all staff feel fully involved in creating the schools parental engagement action plan. The resource below includes: a slide deck for the presentation with notes; activities for the training session and resources.

This training can be run in two ways, either in one twilight or half day training session (3-4 hours), or over two staff meetings (1.5 hours each)

If you plan to run the session in on go as either a twilight or half day training session then you will need to adjust the material slightly. The parent surveys will need to be sent out and collected back in before the session.

If you run the session as a two staff meetings, we suggest you leave a gap of 2 – 3 weeks between the sessions so you have time to send the parent survey out after the first session and collect it back before the second session.

  • 1. Staff Training Slide Deck

    This is the presentation for the staff training session. There are notes to accompany this.

    N.B. due to the size of the file, it could only uploaded as a PDF. If you wish to have the PowerPoint version, please contact Tess Sullivan at


  • 2. Presentation Notes

    Use the notes to support and guide you through the presentation.

  • 3. Engagement/Involvement

    Slide 6

    Print this out on A3 so you can sort the cards into the correct sections. This activity should promote discussion about what the difference between engagement and involvement is.

    You may be surprised how many of the ‘engagement’ activities you run are actually just involvement.

  • 4. Engagement/Involvement Cards

    Slide 6

    Use these for the activity on slide 6. You will need to cut them out and take a couple each to discuss whether they are engagement or involvement. Sort them into the Venn diagram.

    Remember to think about engagement as ‘engagement in learning’.

  • 5. Benefits for Children, Parents and Schools

    Slide 8

    Use this resource sheet to think about the benefits for parents, children and schools when parents are engaged in their child’s learning.

  • 6. Engaged Parent

    Slide 10

    Use this resource in pairs or individually to record some things that show a parent is engaged and some things the teachers are doing to engage them.

  • 7. Parental engagement poster

    Slide 11

    The two parental engagement posters are for display in either the staff room or around school to remind stakeholders what the school should be doing to engage parents.


    Download the parents poster here.

    Download the staffroom poster here.

  • 8. Barriers to engagement

    Slide 14

    The following resources should be used to determine the most important barriers to engagement for your school.

    The diamond needs to be printed out on A3. Download this here.

    The barriers cards should be printed and cut out to sort in order of importance on the diamond. Download this here.

    The barriers resource sheet should be used to begin to come up with some solutions to the barriers. You should tackle the most important ones first. Download this here.

  • 9. Parent Conversation

    Slide 15

    Use the parent conversation to think about what your parents might say about your school.

  • 10. Case Studies

    Slide 17

    Print and cut these out. They will need to be shared out between the staff to discuss and give advice on.

  • 11. Parent Surveys

    Slide 18

    These surveys need to be sent out before the second session where you will be analysing them. Make sure you send them to a random sample otherwise you will end up with too much data to analyse.

  • 12. Auditor Information

    Slide 20

    Use this resource to consolidate the feedback from the parents.

  • 13. Steps to Success

    Slide 27

    Print this out on A3 or bigger if possible. This is the sheet that you will generate your ideas for your action plan on.

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