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The Senior Leadership training material aims to give the SLT full understanding of the background of parental engagement and how to develop it in their school. The resources below include: the slide deck; activities that need to be printed and cut out and resource sheets. There is guidance on each resource.

If you would like any of these resources in their original format, please email Tess Sullivan at

  • 1. SLT Training Slide Deck

    This is the presentation for SLT. If you are taking the lead for the project use this to present the information and activities your SLT. There are separate notes to help you with the presentation.

  • 2. Slide Deck Notes

    You will need to use these notes to support the presentation. Not all slides have notes as they are self explanatory.

  • 3. Involvement/Engagement Cards

    Slide 6

    Use these for the activity on slide 6. You will need to cut them out and take a couple each to discuss whether they are engagement or involvement. Sort them into the Venn diagram.

    Remember to think about engagement as ‘engagement in learning’.

  • 4. Engagement/Involvement Venn Diagram

    Slide 6

    Print this out on A3 so you can sort the cards into the correct sections. This activity should promote discussion about what the difference between engagement and involvement is.

    You may be surprised how many of the ‘engagement’ activities you run are actually just involvement.


  • 5. Benefits for Teachers, Children and Schools

    Slide 8

    Use this resource sheet to think about the benefits for parents, children and schools when parents are engaged in their child’s learning.

  • 6. Parental Engagement - Parents Poster

    Slide 11

    This parental engagement poster can be displayed around the school to prompt parents to think about how they can engage in their child’s learning.

  • 7. Parental Engagement - For staff

    Slide 11

    This poster can be displayed in the staffroom to remind staff what they should be doing to promote parental engagement across the school. It is good to introduce this poster to the staff in the training session.

  • 8. Parent Conversation

    Slide 14

    Use the parent conversation to think about what your parents might say about your school.

  • 9. Barriers to Engagement

    Slide 18

    The following resources should be used to determine the most important barriers to engagement for your school.

    The diamond needs to be printed out on A3. Download this here.

    The barriers cards should be printed and cut out to sort in order of importance on the diamond. Download this here.

    The barriers resource sheet should be used to begin to come up with some solutions to the barriers. You should tackle the most important ones first. Download this here.

    There are also some suggested ways to address these barriers. Download this here.

  • 10. Infographic

    Slide 23

    This infographic shows the outcomes of the initial pilot. See notes for more detail.

  • 11. Auditing and Action Planning

    Slide 27

    the following resources will support the initial set up of  your initiative.

    Click here to download the Aberdeen LA expectations. This is a great resource to support creating a parental engagement strategy.

    Click here to download the exemplar policy. Your school can use this for ideas to create or update your own policy.

    Download the ‘audit tool’ to help you to find out where your parental engagement provision is.

    Download this example action plan to help you consider what you need to include in your action plan.

    Find out how to get it right for OFSTED.

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