Count on Us for Primary Schools 

The Count on Us Challenge is an exciting pan-London maths programme, working with both primary and secondary schools, to engage pupils in a range of maths activities to challenge, motivate and inspire. Our unique maths programme, with its focus on team work and collaboration, has been run in classrooms and clubs across London’s schools, even during the period of school closures.

In 2019, 7,652 pupils were involved in the Primary Challenge across 90 schools, with 95% of teachers reporting a positive impact on their pupil’s confidence levels.

The Count on Us Primary Maths Challenge is delivered by The Maths Zone.

“This is Maths but not how we know it. It takes you to a different dimension.”

– Pupil, Cheam Fields Primary Academy, Sutton

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you from Mayflower on yet another well run and successful Challenge. The children absolutely loved being part of it this year (and you know I love it as well!).”

– Teacher, Mayflower Primary School



By combining a series of mental arithmetic and problem solving tasks, the programme aims to make maths fun and improve confidence around learning as well as improving academic attainment, ultimately improving life chances and helping young people make a positive contribution to society.

Participating schools benefit from teacher training, a wide range of maths resources to support the Count on Us activities and accompanying teacher and pupil workbooks. The resources are implemented in classrooms and maths clubs, with pupils honing their skills via in-school or inter-school tournaments. Teams are then selected, with three pupils chosen to represent their school in the Heats, with the highest scoring teams making it through to the Final at City Hall.

For 2020-2021, the Count on Us Challenge has been adapted to take account of new physical distancing requirements.

Our focus on highly motivating, collaborative maths activities remains central to the programme. Although we hope to hold all events at City Hall, we are ready to comply with any future restrictions and maintain the excitement of the Count on Us Challenge in 2020-2021.



Each participating school will be required to:

  • Pay a fee for participation. This will either be:
    • £150 – including registration, school resource kit*, training for lead teacher and one other teacher and support materials (Teacher Guide, Pupil Workbook and Tournament Handbook), as well as participation in events.
    • £80 – as above, but without the school resource kit.

* This consists of Pentomino and Tangram Tubs and 3 x 24® Game Single Digits packs. Please note that schools new to the programme will require the school resource kit.

  • Select a lead teacher, and up to one other teacher, to attend the training and run the programme in their school, sharing the programme in staff meetings, parent evenings alongside colleagues.
  • Commit to setting up clubs and/or in-class opportunities to use the Count on Us activities with at least 30 pupils.
  • Run an in or inter-school tournament, closer to the time of the Heats, to select a team of 3 pupils to represent the school in the Heats at City Hall. Highest scoring teams will make it through to the Final at City Hall.

Our partners

A huge thank you to our delivery partners for supporting Count on Us. We could not run the programme without you.