Back on Track

We are on a mission to support young Londoners into employment; and we need your help.
Covid-19 has made life even harder for London’s young people, particularly those from low income and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. They have missed out on schooling, crucial careers advice and face an uncertain future. Many have said that they feel “scared” and “overwhelmed” by the prospect of starting a career at this time. The disadvantage gap is widening at a horrifying rate.
If we are to safeguard young people’s futures, we must act now to prevent existing inequalities from getting even wider by facilitating access to the educational and employability support they so desperately need.
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Spotlight on: the creative sector

London’s creative industry has major economic pulling power. However, young people from low income and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds aspiring to enter the sector are faced with a highly uneven playing field. Lack of access to relevant networks, widespread informal recruitment practices and limited progression pathways disproportionally affect these groups, thus depriving London of diverse voices and talents.

This is why we have created a Manifesto for Change: five urgent and practical recommendations to make the creative industry more inclusive and diverse.

Diversity Pledge

Diversifying the workforce

Drawing in people from a wider cross-section of the population, by transforming recruitment practices, delivers tangible benefits both to business and society.

Joining hands with stakeholders from a range of industries and sectors, the Mayor’s Fund provides a platform for debate, influence and change, and continues to campaign for young Londoners from low income backgrounds to have equal access to the outstanding opportunities the capital has to offer.

Our Diversity Pledge is an opportunity for employers to publicly commit to the importance of building a more diverse staff base. To sign up, get in touch.