Our campaigns

Our activities promote awareness of the barriers facing young Londoners and champion innovative ideas to overcome them.
MFL_Food insecurity summit

Tackling London's food insecurity problem

According to a recent Survey of Londoners, 400,000 children in the capital experience food insecurity (GLA, 2019).

In response to this, we partnered with the Food Foundation and the GLA to host the first-ever summit on children’s food insecurity in the UK, with the aim of putting young Londoners at the forefront of food policy and to explore the barriers and opportunities to protecting children’s nutrition and the actions stakeholders can take to support the agenda.

Championing numeracy

Current attitudes that we have as a society towards maths are encouraging children to give up on the subject too early. The impact this has on later life can have detrimental effects. Therefore, there needs to be more support for the way maths is taught in order to strengthen engagement, increase attainment and improve the life chances of all children.

We have partnered with Maths Week London to raise awareness throughout the capital, and nationally, to change these attitudes and encourage more children to enjoy maths.An annual city-wide series of maths challenges and games as part of a drive to dispel maths anxiety, Maths Week London is organised by online learning platform Sumdog, and will return during 22-26 June 2020.

We are inviting primary and secondary schools, children, parents & carers from across London to join in the fun and help to raise the profile of maths across the capital.

MFL_Social mobility report cover

Improving access to London's job market

Our latest report finds that many young Londoners from low income backgrounds are unable to make the best of the opportunities this city has to offer.

Structural inequalities, a fragmented support system, and limited data have hindered young Londoners for far too long.

Diversity Pledge

Diversifying the workforce

Drawing in people from a wider cross-section of the population, by transforming recruitment practices, delivers tangible benefits both to business and society.

Joining hands with stakeholders from a range of industries and sectors, the Mayor’s Fund provides a platform for debate, influence and change, and continues to campaign for young Londoners from low income backgrounds to have equal access to the outstanding opportunities the capital has to offer.

Our Diversity Pledge was developed through a partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and is an opportunity for employers to publicly commit to the importance of building a more diverse staff base.

Ultimately, the aim is to create more inclusive pathways for meaningful careers benefitting young Londoners from low income backgrounds.

MFL_Creativity Works (2)

London's creative sector: a manifesto for change

Young people from low income backgrounds face significant barriers to establishing a career in and joining London’s creative industry. We think this is unacceptable.

Given our long-standing experience in working with this sector, we want to address some of the entrenched inequalities that exist.