We accomplished so much in 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, we want to thank all of our supporters and share some highlights of how The Mayor’s Fund for London and our many partners have worked to support London’s children and young people throughout the year. Central to this has been the role of our Youth Board, made up of 15 diverse young Londoners from across the capital, who have helped us ensure that young people are involved in shaping every aspect of our work. To introduce this review of the year, we asked Joss, one of the youth board members, to share his reflections.

Youth Board member speaks on stage

"One of the most rewarding experiences of my career"

“A personal highlight for me was the opportunity to open the Diversity in Employment event at City Hall in October. We brought together two youth and employer panels to discuss the need to equalise opportunities in recruitment and attracting talent. It was brilliant to hear the concerns and issues raised on the youth panel – such as the common problem of inadequate onboarding processes – taken up directly by the employer panel, giving the real sense of a two-way dialogue.”

“Our Youth Voice Roundtable was another high point of 2023. There are so many young people working across London to make our city a fairer, more just place, and to bring representatives together in the same space to facilitate greater collaboration felt highly empowering. Initiatives such as these enable us to take the future into our own hands and to amplify our voice through the power of collective action.”

“Although my time on the MFL Youth Board – one of the most rewarding experiences of my career so far – is coming to an end, I am so excited for everything that 2024 has in store. In particular, I would encourage everybody to look out for The Intersect, a new podcast curated by my inspiring Youth Board colleagues, which promises to offer powerful insights into young Londoners’ priorities, challenges and ideas.”

Two children enjoy a meal and pose to camera

Food and Communities

“Ultimately, we wouldn’t be able to feed young people in the holidays without Kitchen Social. It allows us to meet and support young people where there at, in the way they need’. 
Community Hub Lead.

In the ongoing cost of living crisis our priority to ensure no child goes hungry in the school holidays has seen us expand our food and wellbeing programmes to meet the growing need in London. In partnership with The Felix Project and Greater London Authority we will have provided 10 million meals to young people and their families across London by February 2024. We can only do so with the support of our incredible 300 food community partners and our 100-strong Kitchen Social community hubs network, who have supported over 20,000 young people directly. This year our Kitchen Social hubs have provided over 2000 activity sessions to support young people and our patron, the Mayor of London, has visited four of our hubs to see first hand the impact Kitchen Social has in alleviating pressures on households, providing health and wellbeing benefits for young people, reducing social isolation and developing cooking skills and nutritional understanding.

Two students at a desk take part in a maths game

Employment, Education and Enterprise

“I really love what your organisation is doing for the younger generation. Our industry needs more diversity in so many ways. It is inspiring to see how engaged these young people are!”
Tyler E. Goodwin, Founder & CEO of Seaforth Land

This year we have created thousands of opportunities to experience the world of work for young people across our Access Aspiration schools network and Creativity Works programme. Working with over 75 employers in sectors ranging from finance to fashion, publishing to the built environment. Thank you to all of them for enabling us to inspire students about future careers through employer events, mock interviewing, business insights and work experience. Registrations for our popular Count on Us Maths Challenge are currently open so if you know of a London secondary school who would like to take part, please do encourage them to sin up here. Our Mayor’s Entrepreneurship Programme is also open to applications, find out how to apply to win £20,000 investment!

A thank you from The Mayor's Fund for London Chief Executive Jim Minton

Reflecting on the year just gone, it’s very heartening to know that young Londoners are ambitious and determined to shape a better future for themselves and for our city and beyond. We’re so grateful to all the partners we have worked with during 2023 to help ensure that those young Londoners are equipped to navigate their way to a better future; and of course send our warmest thanks to everyone who has played their part as a supporter, friend, volunteer or advocate for our work.

2024 will bring more challenges – but we also hope many more opportunities. We will keep focused on our ambitions: that all young Londoners should have access to heathy food and activities in the school holidays; and that every young person in London should be able to engage with opportunities to build a successful career. Convening partners and supporting young Londoners around those goals will continue to be our focus; and all of our work will be powered and led by the voices and ambitions of those young Londoners. We are looking forward to working with you and with so many others to shape a fairer future together in 2024.

Thank you for your support.