Young Londoners envision what lies ahead in 2030

13th April 2022

Student ambassadors for Access Aspiration have shared their unique, individual visions of what the future holds for them – eight years from now.

‘My Future Self: 2030’ was a project participated in by student ambassadors that help promote and shape Access Aspiration, our employability programme for 16-18-year-olds.

As part of the project, they focused on three core aspects of themselves: 

  • Firstly, their past selves – the experiences they had growing up, the areas of London they call home, and how this has shaped them into the focus of the second core aspect.
  • Secondly, they explored their present selves. What are they studying, what are they striving for, and how do they perceive themselves currently?
  • Finally, they end envisioning the project namesake – their future selves. How have the experiences of their past and present selves helped form the person they are in 2030? What have they achieved in the eight years since 2022, and what else do they want to accomplish?

Students completed the project in a way personal to them – with no restraints or expectations as to what form their work may take. As a result, each submission channels the individual character of its creator – every piece being different in form and expression.

We’re delighted to share four highlight pieces from students across London; FaabiaTosin, Aniqah and Hongjia. 

We’re so thankful to these passionate young people for sharing their experiences and ambitions as part of this piece – we hope you will enjoy reading them.

Each piece is available to view and download on the Mayor’s Fund for London website.

Faabia, Tosin, Aniqah and Hongjua are all Student Ambassadors – a passionate group of young people currently participating in the Access Aspiration programme. They help champion the importance of careers advice, work experience and academic studies amongst their peers and represent their Sixth Form at our meetings and events. They play an active role in elevating youth voice and producing engaging content on the issues that matter most to them.

You can learn more about our Access Aspiration on the Mayor’s Fund for London website.