Dizzee Rascal visits his local Kitchen Social hub

World famous artist Dizzee Rascal made a surprise visit to Bygrove Primary School in Poplar today to volunteer and support food relief efforts for the local community. Dizzee spent the morning packing food parcels and serving meals to children and families. The parcels contained enough food to make five meals for a family of four,

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New research by the Food Foundation has shown that during the Coronavirus crisis, more than 200,000 children are skipping meals because families don’t have enough food during the lockdown. In 2019, the Greater London Authority estimated that 400,000 children in London aged 16 or under were living in food insecurity.  Of these, only 196,000 qualify

Tackling food insecurity during Covid-19

Covid-19 has increased the number of children and young people in London at risk of ‘food insecurity’ – this means those who cannot guarantee sufficient quality or quantity of food. In 2019, the Greater London Authority estimated that 400,000 children aged 16 or under were in food insecurity. Of these, only 196,000 will qualify for

February newsletter

New report on social mobility in London Just 17% of London’s professional jobs are held by young people from low income backgrounds, compared to 30% nationally. Additionally, one in four young Londoners think that ‘people like me’ do not succeed in life. These are just some of the shocking findings from our brand new report,

Our new report on social mobility is launched at City Hall

New report shows that despite great progress in education, London remains stagnant on social mobility In partnership with leading global management consulting firm, Oliver Wyman, today we launched ‘One City, Two Worlds’, a new report that shows London has a broken path to social mobility. Through a new review of multiple datasets and by conducting

The first-ever London Children’s Food Insecurity Summit

On Monday 13th January 2020, we held the first-ever London Children’s Food Insecurity Summit in partnership with the Food Foundation and the Greater London Authority. . The event put young Londoners at the forefront of food policy issues and explored the barriers and opportunities to protecting children’s nutrition and the actions stakeholders can take to

January newsletter

A message from our new Chief Executive For me, 2019 means a new job – probably the best job in the world – as chief executive of the Mayor’s Fund for London. I am delighted that we have worked with so many of you over the years and I’m looking forward to delivering great things

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