National Hygiene Week

14th September 2020

We are excited to highlight The Hygiene Bank’s National Hygiene Week, starting today.

The Hygiene Bank is a grass roots charity that believes everyone deserves a dignified life and being clean should not be a luxury. We worked with them in July, with the support of Hey Girls, who collectively donated 7,000 period products to our Kitchen Social Summer of Food and Fun programme in Lambeth and Southwark.

During National Hygiene Week, The Hygiene Bank is raising awareness of the fact that hygiene poverty is real for many of the 14 million living in poverty in the UK.

As part of the week, they are releasing lesson plans for KS2 and KS3 to help young people learn about hygiene poverty and the way it effects one’s physical and emotional well-being, co-developed with a specialist educational organisation and Boots UK. The educational resources can be downloaded for free from today, and can be used in schools, Girl Guiding or Scouts groups, or to help you talk to your children about hygiene poverty at home.

You can see all that is on offer during the week including their 7 Ways in 7 Days activities, ‘Thought Leadership’ panels, download ‘I, Daniel Blake’, join in on one of their celebrity quizzes, sponsor a fundraising event and more.

Click here for more.

Additionally, The Hygiene Bank has an Official Schools Programme which provides families with the aid they need to stay afloat. The aim of the programme is to give children and young people access to hygiene products to help overcome the barriers they may face as a consequence of hygiene poverty, helping them achieve the best possible start in life.

There is no referral system or paper work for students to complete and recipients do not have to prove their need for support. If you are a School with pupils and families that could benefit from free hygiene and personal care products, learn more about how to get involved here.

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