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These resources aim to support the setting up, running and monitoring of your maths clubs. They are adapted from resources collected during the course of the project. These documents are in Word format so that they are editable. You are welcome to use them and edit them as you wish.

School Audit

This resource will support your to find out where your school is currently in terms of maths.

Attitude Survey

This will help you to track any changes in attitude. This should be undertaken at the beginning and end of the time in the club.

Club Invitation Letter

This template was used to invite children to take part in the club. It is important to get permission.

Code of Conduct

It is important to ensure your students understand the expectations of them and their behaviour throughout their time in the club.

Club Policy

Some schools in the project adapted their policy to fit the maths club, if you don’t already have a clubs policy this is a good example.

Achievement Certificate

Schools found it was beneficial to celebrate the children’s achievements with an achievement certificate.

You may wish to edit this to include your schools logo.

Photo Consent

It’s a good idea to gain permission to take photos when you send out the invitation letter. Here is the Mayor’s Fund one as an example.

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