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This page holds a set of 10 session plans and resources for the Mathematical Talk theme. These sessions are intenTIFF LCT logoded to be used in order however, you are free to swap them around to suit.

These sessions focus on encouraging children to talk about their maths. They promote team work and cooperation. Children will learn to become more independent thinkers and will be asked to express their opinions and ideas.

  • 1. Shake, Rattle and Roll

    Simple maths games to test the children’s mental skills. Not many resources required!

  • 2. Excellent X’s!

    An EXCITING investigation that will get the children, thinking discussing and explaining!

  • 3. Team Building

    One of the hardest things is to get pupils to listen to each other, be aware of each other’s needs and to talk about their mathematics when they work collaboratively. These tasks are designed to focus on these skills so they can use them more effectively elsewhere.

  • 4. Strength in Shape

    Lots of practical activity and reference to the world about us.

  • 5. The Watch Tower Challenge

    A competitive session. Who can build the strongest and least costly watchtower?

  • 6. Club Quiz

    An exciting challenging quiz type activity which promotes collaborative work and encourages explanation.

  • 7. Building a Longhouse

    Get the whole class involved, working individually, in pairs and collectively, to share findings and ideas.

  • 8. Cubies

    Build your own cubie island! Children will enjoy this challenging task using reasoning and explaining. A great cooperation activity.

  • 9. Fun and Games!

    This is a chance for the children to play mathematical games which make them think.

  • 10. Mathematical Talk Package

    Download all 10 Mathematical Talk sessions.

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