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This page holds a set of 10 session plans and resources for the Enterprise theme. The sessions are intendedTIFF LCT logo to be used in order but some of the sessions are optional. These resources have been designed by teachers who have run maths clubs as part of the Mayor’s Fund for London’s project. The content of these sessions is best used with Key Stage 2 children.

The sessions focus on making keyrings with the intention of selling them at the end of the 10 sessions. It is possible to substitute making keyrings with other items.
Other items could include:

  • Tote or sports bags
  • Board games
  • Greetings Cards
  • Photo Frames
  • Jewellery

  • 1. Designing and Choosing a Company Logo

    This is a really good hook to draw the group into the enterprise theme and get them excited about creating an end product that they can sell.

  • 2. Product Research

    This is where the group will come up with their ideas for the end product.

  • 3. Creating Criteria

    This is an opportunity for children to hit the real world and take on some market research to support their project.

  • 4. Analysing and Deciding

    This is a chance for children to learn about budgeting.

  • 5. Planning and designing

    This is where children design the keyring they are going to make and sell.

  • 6. What Shall We Charge?

    This is where the children refine their ideas and consider what their prospective buyers are looking for.

  • 7. Advertising and Marketing

    This is the session where the children put all their plans into action to create their keyring.

  • 8. Creating the Product

    This is a chance for children to consider how they will market their product in order to maximise their profit.

  • 9. Money

    This is an opportunity for children rehearse their sale at the school fair by practising handling money and working out change.

  • 10. Evaluating and Celebrating

    This is a celebration of a successful enterprise project and an evaluation of the event.

  • 11. Enterprise package

    Download all 10 sessions detailed above.

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