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Lovelace Primary School

“I feel more confident when I make mistakes as I know I am learning.” That is what a proud year 6 pupil from Lovelace Primary School said after participating in the count on us girls’ maths club project.

In Lovelace Primary School count on us maths club is run by Emma Sedgwick. Before the project commenced some pupils have always found maths to be an area of difficulty. Emma mentioned that “some find it embarrassing to put their hand up in class as they might get it wrong.”

However there has been a positive change in the attitude towards maths for the pupils in Lovelace. One pupil stated that they “enjoy the fact that it is a very small group and that we can talk about maths honestly and openly with each other. She enjoys hearing that other girls feel the same as she does.” This demonstrates how fun and engaging a maths club can be.

Pupils passion for maths has increased so much that it’s influenced them to help others, both in and out of the classroom. “I love maths now and help my younger sister at home when we are playing schools. I like to work really hard in class and with my homework as I can see the improvements I am making for myself.”

The club has also helped the development and confident of year 6 pupils has they head into key stage three as they “feel much better now about maths when I go to secondary school.” It appears that the count on maths club has left a positive impact on the school and its pupils.

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