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A session needs to be long enough to give pupils time to engage, relax and make the most of the mathematics you have on offer. Experience suggests that clubs are most successful when they are an hour long.

The specific scheduling of your club, depends a lot on what else happens in your school and when. Remember, clubs could happen at lunchtime, after school or breakfast time! Whenever you choose you are probably going to run into problems clashing with other popular clubs. This is unavoidable but worth considering from the start. It might be useful to think about how the weather or dark winter evenings might impact on your club, in the Spring term a lunchtime club might work better to avoid parents picking up in the dark.

Try to choose a slot which gives you time to set up your session before the pupils arrive, especially if you will not be running the club in your own classroom. Can someone else, maybe another member of staff, collect the pupils if they cannot come to the club under their own steam?

Will the club be free? If so how will you pay for resources and might you need to fundraise to cover the costs. Some things you could do include the following:

Of course you could use the activities of the club itself to raise the money it needs to keep going.

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