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“… teachers drop in quite often and say ‘Ooh that’s interesting!’ and it gives them ideas of their own”.

In this school the maths club is run by the maths champion (also coordinator) with support from another member of staff at every club session. There was a maths club in the school before the start of the Project and this focused on identified gaps and worked as a booster with a formal approach which it was felt did not inspire pupils to attend, especially with competition from other far more popular clubs in the school.

“We did more things they were struggling with in class and motivation was difficult to keep them coming”

What are the particular strengths of this model?

What impact has the club had within the school?

What else has the school learned?

That pupils are attracted by a maths club that is voluntary and they see membership as a ‘privilege’ and everyone who gets a place wants to come.

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