Introducing our ‘Take & Make’ recipe box initiative

16th January 2021

As London’s largest holiday provision provider, we know that food insecurity affects young people in complex and detrimental ways. We also know that young people are not always able to take advantage of holiday provision.

In response to the unique demands of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kitchen Social created ‘Take & Make’ – an innovative way to get young people cooking at home. We have already rapidly delivered over 100,000 meals to families via the food box initiative. Costing just £8.50 each, each box contains high-quality, carefully packaged ingredients to make a healthy, balanced meal for four and comes with helpful recipe cards and videos to encourage children to cook at home.

Families receive a branded box to reduce the stigma around food insecurity and all meals come with 5day+ shelf life, meaning the box can be flexibly worked into any meal plan schedule. Take & Make recipes are also perfect for the time where the need for a speedy meal solution can often lead to less healthy choices. 97% of the families surveyed during our Covid-19 response told us that they had kitchen equipment to cook at home.

There are diverse vegetarian recipe boxes to choose from – all designed with consideration of many known allergens and religious preferences. Example recipes include: Chilli Non Carne, Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry and Spicy Bean Burgers.

Here’s what parents have told us:

“It definitely saved us money; one meal I didn’t have to worry about. I also love the meat free ideas.”

“I am amazed at the food boxes that come with hygiene instructions and how to prepare food. They are really very helpful for me, since I am currently not working and live alone with my 7 year old son, so financially it is very helpful. The daily lunch for my son saves me money and time to enjoy more as a family…and my son has a healthy lunch every day.”

Find out more about Take & Make here.