Firm Foundations - Teaming up with the Built Environment to level the playing field for young Londoners.

What is the Firm Foundations campaign?

London’s Built Environment (BE) is of strategic importance to London, yet young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds are struggling to get into the industry.

Young people from under-represented communities are either unaware of the full range of opportunities within the Built Environment industry, or not being afforded the chance to engage with them – so we’re trying to change that.

Launched in 2021, our Firm Foundations campaign offers a unique opportunity to help transform the life chances of thousands of young Londoners whilst creating a stronger and more inclusive BE industry.

The campaign is supported by an active social media campaign and be delivered in collaboration with our industry partners (including representatives from BE companies and trade bodies), the Greater London Authority and young Londoners.

We are inviting everyone who has a role to play to join us and change the future of the industry for the better.

A picture of Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London. A quote reads: "London's diversity is its greatest strength."

How can my organisation get involved?

Firm Foundations is for everyone working in the BE industry. You can be a small architecture practice, a FTSE 500 property company, a public sector training body, or a membership organisation. We welcome everyone wishing to create a more diverse and inclusive BE industry.

Our goals are simple.

We aim to get 100 BE companies to commit to new action in the campaign’s first year. In its second year, we will move to deepen engagement and influence across industry, education, and policymakers. Practical action will go hand in hand with thought leadership and cross-sector collaboration.

All organisations involved will be asked to sign our Diversity Pledge, championing diversity and inclusion (D&I) practices and delivering one new action within 6 months of signing. The campaign will also offer a menu of opportunities for signatories to increase their engagement with schools and improve on their diversity strategy.

Your organisation can get involved as a Founding Partner, a Supporting Partner, or a Pledge Signatory – the different benefits and expectations of each level of involvement are detailed below.

A quote from Camargue, Founding Partners of the campaign, reads:"The built environment is part of everyone’s daily life and yet, by and large, the people in it come from a relatively narrow demographic."

What level should my organisation sign up for?

To change the Built Environment industry for the better, we need to make sure any and every organisation is able to support Firm Foundation’s efforts. So, to make sure everyone can join the campaign, we’re offering different levels of involvement with varying degrees of commitment.

There are three tiers for your organisation to choose from – these include Founding Partner, Supporting Partner, and Pledge Signatory – the differences between them are highlighted below.

Founding Partner (FP)Supporting Partner (SP)Pledge Signatory
Sign the Diversity Pledge:
– Commit your organisation to one or more new D&I actions.
Access to outreach channels:
– Affiliation the Mayor’s Fund for London, linking your organisation to a strong social-mobility brand and its connected programmes, i.e. Access Aspiration.
Promotion opportunities:
– Internal and external publicity for your company.
– Opportunity to take part in the 2022 Firm Foundations Impact Report.
Insight opportunities:
– Access to learning events, resources, and networking opportunities.
Visible leadership across the industry:
– Lead campaign in a visible manner, working with our staff. Help guide thinking on campaign development, including comms, link with other initiatives and influencing activities.
– We have ambitions to develop a bigger employability programme, steered by learning and appetite from the industry. There will be an opportunity to help us shape this.
– Become social mobility advocates.
Impacting young lives:
– Access to our career guidance programme Access Aspiration at a reduced fee.*
– Be part of our ‘one-day special’ – bringing BE companies and young people together in various engaging ways (priority involvement for founding BE pledge signatories).
– Involvement in producing short online ‘Sector Snapshot’ videos to boost students’ understanding of different careers, free of charge.
Promoting company profile:
– Company branding throughout the campaign, visible across our website and social media, including campaign mailouts and other Mayor’s Fund marketing collateral and publications.
– Brand placement on event materials and use of photographs for promotional & PR purposes.
– Use of Mayor’s Fund for London and Diversity Pledge logos on your own website.
Requested fee:£2,500 + VAT for the first year£500 + VAT for the first year (only available to small companies** and not-for-
profit organisations)
Free for the first year (an admin fee will apply in the second year)

* Companies already contributing financially to Access Aspiration or with a corporate partnership with Mayor’s Fund will not be asked to make a further contribution.

** To qualify as a small company, your turnover must be under £2m per annum.

Join the campaign

If you’d like to sign your organisation up to the Firm Foundations campaign or want to speak to a member of the Mayor’s Fund for London team, click the ‘Sign Up Now’ button, or click ‘Download Brochure’ and ‘Download Diversity Pledge’ for more information.

Founding Partners

The Firm Foundations campaign is delighted to be working with the following organisations.

Diversity Pledge

Alongside our Founding Partners, the following organisations have signed up to the Firm Foundations Diversity Pledge.