Creativity Works celebration
28th February 2019

“University drop out, retail sales assistant and dreaming about making a difference through the media industry.

When I came across the opportunity to join Creativity Works, I had just come back from volunteering with a film-team at a summer festival…another short-term opportunity.

I was waiting for that big chance to arise to work full time in a creative role that I would love. I initially joined the course to fill my next 10-weeks of unemployment. I saw images from the last season, of young people gaining access to big brands, such as the BBC or Sky, and I knew that this would be a chance for me to be in close proximity to some media geniuses, while honing my skills.

Yet, I would not comprehend what this training scheme would offer me.

From week 1, it was clear that I would be out of my comfort zone, with Jasmine Dotiwala explaining that we would be tweeting every single day and constantly coming to the front of the room to present ideas.

But, it was immediately exciting to be in a room with experienced media professionals, such as Jasmine, Richard Pascoe, and Reshma Biring, who would constantly share words of motivation. The highlight was being around my talented peers, who challenged and encouraged me, creatively and personally.

We were also being trained by top-industry experts every day. As an aspiring entrepreneur, my favourite masterclass was with the online video magazine, GUAP’s co-founder Jide Adetunji. He opened my eyes to see how a company can be formed with an original idea, a clear vision and work ethic. A session with filmmaker, Dalia Dias, awakened me to see that I could reshape the industry, through the content I make and through sticking to my own morals. And, during PR and Marketing week, Journalism week, and Film week, I saw what I already knew. That I have fresh creative ideas to bring to the table. And so, I need to stop being self-conscious and step up.

Then came the icing on the cake on week 7 – meeting my amazing mentor, Jessica Laditan, Events Manager at Channel 4. Her ease, in making me see the unique perspective that I bring as an individual. Her support, in revamping my CV. And, her eagerness to get me connected to the different departments at Channel 4, has transformed my understanding of what it means to work in media. It is not just a fancy, glamorous platform, but an extremely accessible career path for those that are passionate and capable. I cannot thank Jessica enough for letting me see that I am one of those capable individuals.

Now I have discovered my worth. I have a great CV, I have experience, and I deserve to be in this industry.

I am leaving the course realising that I am a creative individual that wants to support and shine light on invisible communities, through as many media platforms as possible. Creativity Works has opened my eyes to see how easy it is to just get up and go out there and build content, and what a privilege it is to be in the media world.

I welcome myself into this industry. I am excited to see the impact that I most definitely will make.”

– Beulah.