Blog 5: mercury rising!

27th June 2015

With mercury rising in the capital, the Mayor’s Fund for London is keeping a cool head as engines hit overdrive.

In anticipation of the Count on Us Secondary Challenge final next Friday, we travelled to St Matthew Academy in Blackheath to film their team in training. The year 8 pupils managed to solve problems, that left all of us stumped, in impressive speed. Competition is heating up.

St Matthew Academy Mayors Fund for London

We visited another project in action at Chisendale Primary on Tuesday. Along with some of our funders we attended their Breakfast Club and saw for ourselves the difference provision makes.

Visiting projects is the best part of our jobs and we we were lucky enough to take a trip with one of our Theatre of Law groups on Friday. Accompanied by a Year 6 class from Roe Green Junior School, off to the Royal Courts of Justice we went. We were able to go inside the court room with pupils who acted out their own court case, complete with magistrates and witnesses.

Another highlight of the week was the Hilton ‘Around the World in a Day’ event which Cathy, Carole, Fiona, Tom and Phil took part in. The entire team had to ride on static bikes in the lobby of the Hilton Tower Bridge for two hours. Taking it in turns with team captain Cathy leading us out and Phil finishing with a bang, our team covered an incredible 60 miles to finish second. We are all very proud and especially pleased as the gym Thirty Seven Degrees only rode 43 miles. Well done all!

Keep your eyes peeled for our Summer Newsletter which was mailed out last week.