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Mayor's Fund For London

1At the Mayor’s Fund for London, we believe that the best route out of poverty is a good job. Currently there are over 700,000 young Londoners who are growing up in poverty. For them the journey to work is more challenging than for youngsters in more well off households.

We work in partnership with other organisations to help these young people, aged between four years and 24 years, to acquire the skills and opportunities they need to secure employment, climb the career ladder and escape the threat of poverty. We focus on four key outcomes, which we believe will achieve this aim. They are;

Every project we invest in needs to deliver impact against at least one of the four outcomes and should be able to provide measurable evidence against the short term outcomes detailed in our Theory of Change Model.

However, we believe in proportionate evaluation. This means we will not ask for the same level of evaluation on every project but that the evaluation will be proportionate to the value of the grant and the scale of activity.

We are committed to developing long term, meaningful partnerships. When forming partnerships, we look at shared goals and values, and work together to help develop a partnership plan that sees all parties engaged and working towards the same vision.

Working with Us

We like to be part of the solution rather than an arm’s length provider of funding. Our projects are required to make a clear case for support. Ideally they should be unique and fill gaps where there is not currently provision. We are a proactive funder and link the payment of our grants to the achievement of outputs and milestones.

All of our projects have 5 key components. They are:

Identify the need – set out a vision of what the project will tackle and be clear about and have evidenced the need and how it should be addressed. Make a case for why working with the Mayor’s Fund will achieve more.

Define aims and outcomes – make a statement about the overall purpose and the outcomes to be achieved.

Track progress – describe how project achievements will be evidenced.

Learning  – are willing to share and operate in a culture of reflection and analysis that helps people to improve the quality of their work. Explore the reasons why things are (or are not) working well. Gather information about how the project is performing and how it has adapted it to changing circumstances.

Case Studies – are able to provide vibrant case studies illustrating their impact


We require all our delivery partners to;

To find out more, contact:

Oli Rahman, Head of Education and Employability, Tel: 020 7983 4483 email:

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