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Mayor's Fund For London

What would you do if you were ‘Mayor for the Day’?

The London Children’s Festival brings together over 1,000 children and young people, aged 9-14 years, to consider how they would make the world’s greatest city even better if they were ‘Mayor for the Day’.

Delivered in partnership with the BE OPEN Foundation and A New Direction, the festival will explore how children and young people from primary and secondary schools across the city connect to and interpret mayoral priorities for London.

During the six weeks in the lead up to the Festival itself, the young people will explore in school their ideas and vision relating to the future of London across specific topics reflected in the Mayoral priorities. This will result in them creating a short campaign film and poster advert for their topic with support from artists and designers. 250 children will then attend City Hall on Friday 1st December to debate, refine and then present their ideas to policy makers, business leaders and their peers.

Example mayoral topics will include:

  • Jobs, skills and education
  • Environment, health and food
  • Crime, safety and travel
  • Housing, play and pubic space

Issues and solutions raised by young people on the day will contribute to a new London Children’s Festival Charter – in the shape of a poem.

Drawing on themes featured in our City Pitch programme, the London Children’s Festival aims to:

  • Increase confidence and leadership skills development of young Londoners
  • Generate stronger identification with ‘London’ and awareness of opportunities within the city
  • Increase exposure to employers and the world of work
  • Generate learning from educational experience outside the classroom
  • Increase understanding of the role of the Mayor and function of City Hall

Stay tuned for more updates and news!


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or tel: 020 7983 4051

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If I was Mayor for the day I would...

Run a giant jenga competition to bring communities closer together!

Alex, Brent

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