Research resources

Here are some research links that we have found useful.

Child Poverty

End Child Poverty: London (the figures are estimates for mid-2010)

Children in Poverty – Greater London Authority (2011)

Poorer children’s educational attainment: how important are attitudes and behaviour?

Child and working-age poverty from 2010 to 2020

The costs of child poverty for individuals and society: a literature review

Below the breadline: A year in the life of families in poverty

Telling it like it is: Children and young people talk about their experiences of living in poverty in the UK today

London’s Poverty Profile: independent source of information about poverty and inequality in the capital

Living standards, poverty and inequality in the UK: 2012 - Institute for Fiscal Studies

Poverty, the role of institutions and culture - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

‘Children and Recession’Report of seminars organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Children 2010-12

Family Support

Households below average income – DWP (2011)

Poverty: The Hidden City – Greater London Authority (2011)

Index of Multiple Deprivation (maps of the 50 most and least deprived LSOAs)

Youth Unemployment

Estimating Life Time Cost of NEET – Final Report (2010)

Framework of outcomes for young people - Young Foundation

Learning to grow: what employers need from education and skills

Global employment trends for youth 2012 - International Labour Organization

The youth employment challenge July 2012  – UK Commission for Employment and Skills

Literacy and Numeracy

Early literacy interventions – Evaluation – House of Commons (2009)

GCSE and Equivalent Attainment by Pupil Characteristics in England (Dept. of Education: 2009/10)

What works for children with Literacy difficulties? The Effectiveness of Intervention Schemes (2002)

What works for children with Mathematical difficulties? The Effectiveness of Intervention Schemes (2009)

Government research and policy

Early Interventions: Next Steps – Graham Allen Report

Frank Field independent report on child poverty

Tickell Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Dept for Education – Supporting Families in the Foundation Years

Other general useful links

Stuck on London’s hard shoulder: Social needs in a fast moving city (December 2010)

Third Sector Knowledge Portal: ‘one stop shop’ for research, reports and studies, including information on policy

Department for Education: Information pertaining to Children and Young People

Can improving UK skills levels reduce poverty and income inequality by 2020? - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

2011 Census first results: London boroughs’ populations by age and sex  - GLA Intelligence Unit

Census 2011: City snapshot - Centre for Cities

Exploring the flexibility of the free entitlement to early education: research among parents - Department for Education

Think Tanks


Centre for Policy Studies


Institute of Economic Affairs

Institute for Fiscal Studies

Institute for Public Policy Research

New Policy Institute

New Economics Foundation

Policy Studies Institute

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